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Travel around Europe and more to non mainstream tourist destinations.


I’m a very open-minded person, looking for interesting open minded people from all over the world to meet. Respect others believing and easy going.I dream and exhaust to explore the world, to know the difference of the cultures and to see in differenct views about life.

I am very independent person, respect others privacy.
I dont like to use people for my own good.
Sensible and responsible person that people can rely on me and able to share my know how and life experience.

I do love the way of  crazy travelling. I love backpack  travelling when its possible, but I am not a cheap person, that who want to save everything during my travels.

Doing Couchsurfing for me is not a meaning of savings, but it is a way to make other experience, meeting interesting and wonderful people during the travel.

Our life is matter from our own of making decision…

Why I’m on Couchsurfing


If somebody would host me in their place I would like to give it back in different  ways…

Be a host for them in Bali, or anywhere, where I am settled for what is maybe worth for this community.

I dont take last minute request, but to somebody worth it, I may considerate it diffrently.


Hosting a stranger is already becoming normal for me even before I join Couchsurfing. Mostly I have a lot of fun with my guest, we laugh together and exchange many experience, always interested how to meet and talk to different people and different  character… There is always something new to learn.

Many times I tried to help CS-er by hosting them, even pay an overtime for my staff who received and open the door during their late night on arrival in Bali, Let them use a complete house alone, let them swimm on my pool…sadly…I dont even get any reference on my profile, the idiots think maybe they don’t need to say anything because I wasn’t there when I hosted them even though I gave them something what they even would’t find it in their normal life.


I am a lively person, love to dance, enjoy partying sometimes. spontaneous, enjoy small things, Clubbing, festivals, or just simply sitting somewhere sharing an experiences it would be an amazing things too to me.
My interest of meeting people are more with the people whom having the same interest in i.g :

  • Photography
  • Travelling
  • Salsa Dancing
  • concerts
  • videography
  • writters
  • belly dancing
  • zumba
  • arts
  • music
  • snorkeling
  • beach

Music, Movies, and Books

The Secret.
I enjoy any kind of music, but Jazz, blues, Latin music or any rythem for dance excited more.
Book ; Biography, Philosophy

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

Get lost in the middle of no where in deep jungle of Borneo.
Get lost in rural area in China where no body speak English and no alphabetical recognized.

2018 Roadtrid in Morroco went to the Erg Chigaga Desert only with my 7 yo daughter
2018 Roadtrip selfdriving in Indonesia Bali-East Java, Central Java, Lombok Island
2019 Roadtrip by self driving with my 8 yo daughter from Germany to Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro Croatia.
2019 Roadtrip in Cuba
2021 Roadtrip in Japan drove 8000 km to 20 province
Doing things what many people couldnt believe I could do..

Teach, Learn, Share

Sharing anything for good…

What I Can Share with Hosts

The respect to my Host ;
I understood clearly every body is full of list to do. Sometimes life is sweet sometimes bitter. Hard or even complicated.
Everybody have their own problems, everybody has to sweat and work hard to make their lifes.
I do understand it well.
There for I’m not the one who expected anything completely for free…
I give a full respect and high appreciation to anybody who would host me.
I am able to share anything not to become a burden to my host during my stay…

For my Surfers (Guest) ;
If I am available at home during your stay, I might take you around. Perhaps drive around the island too (still love to do this and enjoy so much mysel too).
If you are the nice and having common sense as a human, having good way in communication, I don’t even mind to let you stay longer, invite you to a nice place, maybe sometime to my favorite restaurants on the beach, having light candle night dinner while entertaint by beautiful live music, where you could just forget all life’s hurdle for a while- hahaha

Countries I’ve Visited

Germany, Austria, China, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand, Vatican City State, Viet Nam, Cuba, Panama, Morroco, Poland, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bratislava, Rumania, Turki, Liechtenstein, Swiss, Luxemburg, Belgia, Japan

Countries I’ve Lived In

Currently live in Japan.
I experienced to live in Indonesia, China, Germany, and now Japan.



  • Max Number of Guests: 4
  • Last-Minute Requests Okay? Yes
  • Preferred Gender to Host: Any
  • Kid Friendly? Yes
  • Pet Friendly? No
  • Smoking Allowed? No


Kamar rumah ru
  • Has Pets? No
  • Has Children? Yes
  • Smoking at Home? No
  • Wheelchair Accessible? No


Private room

You will stay in a comfortable Private bedroom with a King or queen size bed and comfortable private bathroom in western standart style.


Roommate Situation

I will give you a complete bedroom.

What Can I Share with Guests

If I have enough time during your stay, it’s can be a lot of fun, can be anything. Be surprise!!

You can use the whole house for yourself if I am not home.
you can use the Kitchen (modern Western style) and all equipment.
you can use all facilities in the house except

24 hours High-speed fiber optic Wi-Fi covered all the house.

Public Transportation Access

I live in a tourist area not so far from the beach but there is no public transport as it almost every where in Bali like that. So you have to walk anywhere you go, take a taxi or Gojek(motor taxi) they aren’t expensive, or you rent a car cost app. €15-20/day, or motorbike rental € 4-5/day, or € 50/months. I can help you for the vehicle rental for best price.

p.s. please don’t expect me to take you around, it’s only happen if I hv time. so prepare your self to be an independent traveller.

Additional Info

If I would host you mean I give you my trust, my heart and my help. I apreciate if you know how to appreciated and not taking its just as a lucky free place to stay.

Any couch request should be use a couch request form, not a private message, except if you hosted me already before or I host you already in the past and later turned to be my friend, couch request is not needed.

You will stay in a private room with air-condition facilities, if you think you want to use an aircon please consider the amount of electricity consumption you will leave behind.
It is huge for Bali expenses.

Please give a respect to my stuff who working in the house, Don’t bother them with your needs and be respect to their working time!!
Wash your own dishes when you use the kitchen and laundry your own clothes if you need it.

If you are smoking person, you can smoke only out side of the house, Terrace, Garden or Garage. Inside the house is strictly forbidden.

If you drive a car or motorbike, please park your vehicle correctly. Care that is not disturb an entrance gate or other street user. You can always use the garage if it a space there. Not to forget, please put your Motorbike in the garage in the evening before you go to bed, don’t let it outside for vehicles security reason.

If you wish to be my guest, a good way of communication is required. I don’t waste time.

Be clear for your arrival and departure, we can’t just be there for you on your arrival and departure time.
Well informed is a away of respect my time.

I am not always available to take you around, making and prepare your own way is always better…

To the right people, who are worth it, if I am home during your stay, I dont mind to invite you to my favorite place to a very nice light candle night seafood dinner entertaint with live music on the beach…

If you want to going out(hang out alone) you are free to go home anytime, make sure to not make any noise when you are back, you can take a house key with you.

Any complain during your stay, will shorter your couch.


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